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U-Visas are a visa given to victims of certain crimes, who have also been helpful to law enforcements investigations. Each year up to 10,000 U-Visas can be granted to principle applicants, and an unlimited amount to the principle applicants close family. U-Visa's allow for an individual to live in the united states for 4 years, but also opens a path to permanent resident status. After three years of living in the US with a U-Visa, a resident can apply for a Permanent Resident Card, and thereafter naturalize. 

There are several bars from a U-Visa. Including:

  • Multiple Criminal Convictions

  • Conviction of a crime of Moral Turpitude

  • Conviction of violating immigration law

  • Drug-Related Offenses

  • Physical or Mental Illnesses that make you a danger to yourself or others.

  • Other


However, many waivers exist to nullify these bars, and there are many other visa's and processes that you may qualify for other than U-Visa's. When you hire from The Law Offices of Mariana L. Hanna, we will automatically screen you for other potential visa applications, and seek to get any bars to receiving a U-Visa waived. 

If you believe you may be qualified for a U-Visa, contact us now. U-Visa's can be granted defensively or affirmatively, but are a time sensitive visa and it is crucial you begin this process as quickly as possible. Fill out our form on the left to contact us, or any of the other contact forms on this website and we will schedule a consultation with you.

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