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The Law Offices of Mariana L. Hanna is committed to a high level of service and the best possible legal representation. Take a look at our customers reviews if you do not believe it!

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Bright Light at the End of the Tunnel

I have been struggling with ICE for thirty years to have my LPR restored with no success. I was at the end of my rope. I had hired two separate attorneys, supposedly the best Immigration Attorneys on the Central Coast, and the most I got from them was, "you won't be able to get your Green Card back because you have a felony, and I've exhausted all avenues to restore your LPR. Just wait because time is on your side." I waited and waited with no results. I was so frustrated and despondent. Finally, a friend referred me to Mariana. I was really hoping she would be proactive and find something that would lead to me getting my Green Card back. At our first office meeting, I was so impressed with her compassion and how quickly she became familiar with my very difficult case. She told me that she wasn't going to pursue my Green Card because she was going to get me my US Citizenship instead! My husband and I were shocked. She advised me that she believed that I was a citizen and should not have been deported. I couldn't believe it. I had hired two highly respected attorneys and got nothing for my money and time. Now this attorney is telling me that she was going to get me my citizenship. God Bless Mariana!!!! She dedicated herself to my case and she was successful in gaining my US Citizenship within two years. How I and my family feel towards Mariana is beyond words. Thanks to Mariana I am free to pursue any endeavor I choose. If you need an attorney that will be compassionate, caring, professional, dedicated, and reasonable, don't delay, schedule an appointment right away. My immediate and extended family thank Mariana and her assistant, Lazaren, for giving me my life back.



This lawyer meets my standards, professional, affordable prices, good ethics and high moral values. I don't need to be informed of how my case goes, what i need is a good result. Marianna gave me a good result this is what its the most to me. Thank you Mariana and staff members for the team work. Human value is what is needed in immigration cases and he have it all!!!

-Silvia Cervantes

Fought an excellent case on my withholding only proceedings

Mariana was able to obtain a bail for me when bail seemed impossible. Then out of custody she worked worked extra hard with me to get me ready for my trial. Mariana fought an excellent case on my behalf against the government that wanted to make me look bad in the eyes of the immigration judge. So we got a positive outcome of my lawyers hard work. I was granted withholding of removal under the nationality act c.a.t.. I highly recommend you Mariana Hannah as your lawyer you won't regret it. My family and I will forever be grateful for her services. God bless her.


Highly Recommend

I highly recommend this immigration attorney. I had lost all hope due to a felony on my record. I contacted this attorney from inside the immigration detention center in which i was in had a quick talk and she took my case. She managed to get me out on bond even though i was convicted of a serious crime In 2016. Fast forward to 2019 and she won my case I was granted a type of relief. Thus allowing me to stay in the United States. If your looking for a good honest and hard working she is the one. If I could give her 5 more stars i would because 5 just isn't good enough!!!!

-Paul Torres

Absolute Best

Mariana and Lazaren are the most fabulous team we could ask for (find for that matter). My brother in law case looked doubtful. We had three lawyers we spoke to prior to hiring Mariana who absolutely would not take the case. Thanks to these fabulous people my brother in law after a year is back home where he deserves to be. His case was tough, but the long hours, and perseverance, and dedication they made it possible for him to be home today. There were times where we felt beaten and discouraged and thank God we were blessed with this fabulous team.



Mariana is the best Immigration Lawyer you can hire. My family contacted 6 other Attorneys and she was the only one who was honest enough about what she can do to help me. Extremely professional and hard working. Thanks to her expertise I was NOT deported. She exceeded my expectations and was always honest. All I had to do was be patient. With that said; she's definitely the Attorney to hire.



My case was very very complicated. I had an extended criminal background. Was In ice detention facility. Not a single light of relieve was in my path. Until I was referred to this amazing lawyer. Bail hearings were almost denied as soon as I walked into the courtroom. Was told no way I would ever stay on this beautiful country. Just as my family and I felt our lives were running extinct. Mariana told us to remain calm. Some weeks later I went back to court , was granted bond. My family and I felt breaths of life again. She fought for me hard!!! Always pushing herself an extra steps to cover all the excruciating work needed for my case. I am now an official united states legal permanent resident and I owe it all to mariana and Her wonderful staff. I am very pleased and blessed for ever meeting her and would recommend her to everyone.


I recommend Mariana Hanna

My family and I are very thankful with Mariana Hanna for her hard work and taking the time to review my case. As for my self I cant thank her and the Lord enough. Its a blessing to have been given the opportunity to be back with my father my mother but especially my daughters. Marianna and her staff kept me and my family well informed . I highly recommend her to anyone that is having any immigration matters.


Absolutely amazing

This woman is incredible , my husband had done 6 years in prison on an aggravated felony and had a deportation hold.
We were referred to Mariana and she did more then i could have ever imagined...People in our same situation were being deported left and right... but by the grace of god and mariana he was granted to sat in the united states . I was always well informed as to what was going on...i did have to do a lot of footwork with paperwork and documents due to the fact that I'm were not in San Diego but was soooooo worth it...Lazaren her assistant is great too...I would highly recommend her to anyone that is having immigration issues.​


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